Surge Kids

Ages 0 - 11

Surge Kids

SURGE kid’s is an opportunity to invest in the lives of our preschoolers and children, ages 0-11, by guiding them towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and ultimately to find God’s will in their lives.

Working with children is especially important since we are helping them form attitudes toward God that could last a lifetime. Children are naturally trusting, enthusiastic, sensitive and vulnerable. They need care, love, discipline, guidance and protection.

At Surge, we provide interactive discipleship, play, worship and biblical principles to build a strong foundation on which to base their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Weegrow Nursery

WeeGrow Nursery is available during Sunday Morning Worship service. We provide a fun, interactive environment to stimulate physical growth and development while also addressing their spiritual growth and development by sharing Jesus’ love and affection with them. When you entrust your infant or toddler to our care we consider it a great responsibility and privilege. Our goal is to plant in their hearts a desire to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club is our mid week opportunity designed for children ages 4-11. On Wednesday nights children are immersed in God’s word through story time, scripture memorization and illustrated sermons. They are able to build friendships with each other while learning more about God. Come join us!